Listen: Carlos Nilmmns shares Emanon EP

About the release from Carlos Nilmmns:

I completed my next solo album and wanted to get back into creating techno using just my hardware. So this is a collection that I feel I should share with you. A range of banging club tunes using just the basic classic synths like my poly 800, DX7, Juno 06a, 303, 909, 727, 707, 307, MPC, S950.
My new Juno 06a took me back to my Solab days when we were using the 106 and 60. These boutique Roland series really do live up to their originals. I can’t really tell the difference.

When I release a project I like to put out a few tracks. There are 5 here and hopefully a nice continuation from my last techno house tunes on labels like Ornaments with Rolando and TARO or My Acid bangers on TRAX Chicago.

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