Premiere: MOD3LLR – DM06 + LP “Frozen From Above 1998” Video

Mod3llr’s “Frozen From Above 1998” record sees the mercurial producer step if only initially into more stripped back ground. Opening the LP are two rhythmic stunners, darkened soundscapes with close delay work keep a ferocious pace.

Soon things open out a bit into more traditional territory, this is certainly not traditionally minimal, but as the artist creates a maximalist, strongly defined pressure on the listener you can’t help but notice some restraint, a touch of class even. With complex syncopation and his trademark rhythm Frozen From Above 1998 tells the story of a night out in the Xixon Underground .

As an artist Mod3llr is as well travelled as they come, his influences are wide and varied literally spanning the globe. Having spent time in America, Europe, Asia and even Oceana. You can hear the interesting cultural mix as the record takes you through cut back closeness, straight out into the clattering internals of some giant and obscene machine beat.

This varied and artful record, created by AV&DG as Mod3llr – a creative duo mixing the artistic view and technical expertise needed to make records like this.

Watch: Mod3llr – Frozen From Above 1998 (A Night Out Story At The Xixon Underground)[MDLR.LP05]

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