EPM Podcast 128 – Eddie Fowlkes

EPM Podcast 128 comes from Detroit Techno royalty and godfather of ‘Techno Soul’ – Eddie Fowlkes. With a huge musical catalogue and DJ legacy spanning upwards of 30 years its safe to say that Mr. Fowlkes brings plenty of knowledge to the party. With a mix that weaves strands of electro, house and techno into a flowing groove we find Norm Talley rubbing shoulders with DJ Skull, Jeff Mills going toe-to-toe with Delano Smith and Mike Huckaby (RIP) getting his jit on with John Dixon. For a first EPM podcast series, Eddie did a vinyl set filmed live from his house on lockdown – with daughter Tia introducing the mix. It’s a family affair!

EPM Podcast 128 – Tracklist

1. Posatronix ‘Pure Techno Sounds’
2. Percival ‘Rebirth’
3. Norm Talley ‘Believe it’
4. DJ Skull ‘Triumph’
5. PQM ‘ You Are Sleeping’
6. Jeff Mills ‘IF’
7. Delano Smith ‘Time & Place’
8. Eddie & Benji ‘The Past the Present’
9. Kaoss Kord ‘Sizzle’
10. H108 ‘Master’
11. Arturo Garces ‘Thrill of Defeat’
12. White Label ‘Unknown Track’
13. Mike Huckaby ‘Unknown Track’ (Grey label)
14. John Dixon ‘Fly Free’

Interview with Eddie Fowlkes here

Eddie Fowlkes ‘Knuckle Head Series Vol.1’ (City Boy Music) is out now. ‘Knuckle Head Series Vol.2’ follows 22 May and ‘Volume 3’ in July.