Tracks of the Month: Electronic(ConnectFM)

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metra.vestlud, Caro, Alexander Church, Sonny Ism, Tom VR, Sailor & I, AMA//MIZU, Agoria, Ela Minus, A. G. Cook, Caroline Polachek, UNDERHER, Midnight Workouts, Whipd Beats, TSHA, Aleksandir, Ikonika, Maxime Dangles, Nite Fleit, Tjade, Rico Casazza, Shedbug, Nery, Glenn Astro, Air Jackson, Scuba, DOMiNii, Shire T, Tim Reaper, Comfort Zone, Ewan Bristow, Trn, Silence Groove, Anna Gram, NASAYA, MARO

As Played on #ConnectFM, the non-vocal version
Selected by Doogie, Mixed by Koja

metra.vestlud – Spring walks in the bird park (Kofla Tapes)
Caro – marseille (PC Music )
Bell Curve – Forest Clearing (Worst Behavior Recs.)
Alexander Church – Thinking & Reasoning (Life Scripts)
Sonny Ism – Favoured State (Northern Underground Records)
Tom VR – Partner (edit) (All My Thoughts)
Sailor & I – Best of Me (METAPHYSICAL)
AMA//MIZU – OB (SaS Recordings)
Agoria feat. Ela Minus – What if the dead dream ( Sapiens)
A. G. Cook – Oh Yeah (Caroline Polachek Remix) (PC Music)
UNDERHER x Midnight Workouts – The Cure (Kindisch)
Whipd Beats – Feeling Love (Dafia Records)
TSHA – OnlyL (Ninja Tune)
Aleksandir – I Used To Dream (Ikonika Remix) (Omena Records)
Maxime Dangles – Gigi (Skryptöm records)
Nite Fleit – Toxic By Proxy (Sycophantic Romantic)
Tjade – Means To An End (These Eyes)
Rico Casazza – Atompunk (Shedbug Remix)(Insult To Injury)
Nery – Snake’s Head (Glenn Astro remix)(Madluv Records)
Air Jackson – Chemistry (Ten One Records)
Scuba + DOMiNii – Womb (Hotflush)
Shire T – Blue Kiss (DAMA DAMA)
Tim Reaper & Comfort Zone – All The Time (Banoffee Pies)
Ewan Bristow and Trn – What You Say (Influenza)
Silence Groove – Cloves (Fokuz Recordings)
Anna Gram – Heaven Help Me (Edit) (Remmah)
NASAYA, MARO – Tempo (Foreign Family Collective)

Cover:Rico Casazza

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