Premiere: Athens Computer Underground – Four O’Clocks (EPMmusic)

Four O’Clocks, taken from All Lovers Young EP of deep IDM, measured Electronica and experimental Electro by Athens Computer Underground, out 10 July on EPMmusic

Athens Computer Underground is the moniker of Athens based musician, Pantelis Theodoridis who is also a member of the minimal synth / punk group Regressverbot. With this new project, he commits himself to the worship of the TB 303 sound, the glorification of acid electronic music and the devotion to the visions of sci-fi literature. Romplers, sequencers, drum boxes and classic acid machines are all played live according to the Ten Midi Commandments.

The EP opens with the acidic electronics and harmonious melody of ‘Cantharidine’ before picking up the pace with dappled beats and variegated layers on second track ‘V.A.L.I.S.’. On the aptly titled ‘Jitter’ Theodoridis uses a stop/start construction that adds weight to its melancholic refrain and Electro styling, which are further enforced on deep EP closer, ‘Four O’Clocks’ as ACU takes his experimentations into the sci-fi world with computer vocals over a driving beat.

2. V.A.L.I.S.

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