Listen: Little Snake + Amon Tobin Team Up for “Loophole,” Out now on Brainfeeder

In what Little Snake describes as “truly a full circle moment”, Brainfeeder today releases his collaboration with the visionary Brazilian electronic composer Amon Tobin: “Loophole.”

Dramatic synths, screeches, digitized gurgles – all bubble to the surface on the sweeping “Loophole.” A coincidence considering the track’s name, “Loophole” proved to be a mutual loop of inspiration for both producers, one an established artist and the other a young act just beginning to build their own sound.

Little Snake: “‘Loophole’ – to me – is the embodiment of a portal in which transfiguration occurs. A transfiguration in which we return to a heartspace beyond all delusions within this 3D hologram and return to a state of peace in which we truly know. We know and embody truth beyond our physical minds comprehension and temporary emotions. It takes us to a place where fear and love no longer hold any power and control over us, and instead brings us to a place of complete freedom to truly exist. I would like to extend a huge thanks to one of my all time greatest inspirations – Amon Tobin – for writing this alongside me. It is truly a full circle moment for me.”



Amon Tobin: “Little Snake approaches music with a reckless abandon that gives me hope for a new generation of producers.”

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