Video Premiere: USRNM – Dwindling Congregation

USRNM (pronounced Username) is an alias of sound artist and musician Stuart Bowditch. Whereas works under his given name have been focused on the real world, responding to location, local communities and the sounds of everyday objects, USRNM affords him another train of thought exploring the virtual world of the internet, technology and machines for its inspiration.

USRNM – 23 LP (Courier Sound)
Track Listing:

01. Moodplus
02. Of Here
03. Leave He Past
04. Moodmultiplied
05. Substance Of Yous
06. Un An Unstance
07. The Only Platform For
08. Chubby Neon
09. Mooddivided
10. Obligatory Sunset Photograph
11. Of Anywhere
12. Let’s Never Speak Of It Again
13. Overhead
14. Underfoot
15. We Can See Through You Just As You Can
16. A Reciprocal Stain
17. In Neat Lines
18. They Won’t Be Learnt
19. Why Are You Here
20. Of Somewhere
21. Dwindling Congregation
22. Of Nowhere
23. Never Turn Back

Live Shows / PAs / DJ dates:
Live set @ Control Voltage, Southend-on-Sea, Early 2021 (date TBC)

Previous releases:
USRNM – Yarnbomb EP [Hottwerk Records]
USRNM – Captcha [Rednetic]
USRNM – Let’s ♥ Everything EP [Warehouse Decay]
USRNM – Instant Message EP [Photogram Recordings]

Remixes for Spatial Awareness, Cyan341, Gagarin, Roshi feat. Pars Radio, Littlebow and Weirdgear.