Tracks of the Week: Deep House Finest 07(ConnectFM)

Listen Tracks of the Week Deep House Edition 07, as played on #ConnectFM, non vocal version
Selected by Doogie, Mixed by Koja

Jesper Ryom – Beaches (Délicieuse Records)
Lauren Ritter – Lauren Ritter “Quartz” (Rift Vision)
Shafkkat – Omission (Camel Hump Records)
Erdal Mauff – Some Things (eVIVE Records)
16B – 4 Yellow (Lazy DJ Mix) (Alola)
Leo Christopher – Uno (RAWSTREET)
Philipp Priebe – An Image Slowly Fades (Original Mix) (Stolar)
TALKTOME – Beerds (Talktomemusic)
Mik Santoro – Siesta (Original Mix) (Ampispazi)
Oreason – Chiringuito (Original Mix) (Moiss Music)
Lello Russo, Alex Rai – Stay Home Brother (6Am Extended Mix) (Moiss Music)
Feiertag – Bliss (Sonar Kollektiv)
St Germain – Rose Rouge (Atjazz Galaxy Aart Remix Radio Edit) (Warner)
Trevor Gordon – Definition Of Respect (Original Mix) (Moiss Music)
Mattr – Cruzi (Loft & Sound)
boiish & Mike Antix – Do Too Much (Elliot Adamson Cosmic Ballroom Mix) (HE.SHE.THEY.)
Nick Curly – Jaaron (RADIANT.)
Carlos Perikas – Try Again Later (Original Mix) (Moiss Music)
HUGEhands – Don’t Change (Original Mix) (Moiss Music)

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