Premiere: Dyspal – Tabloïd (Skryptöm)

Tabloïd from Lore LP by Dyspal, out 19 March on Skryptöm
Having just delivered ‘Gathering Generations’, a compilation marking its 50th release, Skryptöm has prepared this new year with a nice plan: a release each month by one of their core artists or newcomers.

Here they present the first album by Dyspal, a young duo from Toulouse, France. Skryptöm’s label head Antoine Husson aka Electric Rescue met Jules and Jordan at a party in Berlin and subsequently released their first EP “Broken Lullaby” in 2019.

They now step up to release their first album, thirteen varied tracks recorded over the past five years and carefully selected to produce a wonderful electronic journey called ‘Lore’. The duo skillfully show their love for dark dancefloors mixing powerful techno, elegant breakbeats, and hints of drum’n’bass.

Hoping for better days and to showcase their live act, here is the sound of Dyspal!

Listen Dyspal’s Tabloïd on Techno Trip Edition here
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