Exclusive Premiere: Electric Rescue – Farenheit 451(Skryptöm)

Farenheit 451, taken from Esquisse du Nouveau Monde LP by Electric Rescue , out May 29 on Skryptöm
Electric Rescue is coming back with a unique global artistic project, he proposes a double album of 2 episodes, a first techno with his techno alias Electric Rescue, and electro episode of 13 tracks released on Skryptöm Name “Esquisse du nouveau monde” and a second electronica and experimental episode, with his electronica alias Re.Kod, released on WIC recordings name “Sketches from a new era”. These two albums are linked by a film made of a series from 2 fiction episodes produced by Mélanie Daguet and Lambert Saboureux. This global project putting the point of our human actions on our planet and thinking of possible issues between ecology and leaving for another planet. These 26 tracks are sometimes sad to see how things are going joining to melancholic feelings but it’s always supported by a hopeful feeling that humans will always try to make things better for their own future…


01 – Construction Time
02 – American Hours
03 – A 25
04 – Green and Blue
05 – Bio Mutations
06 – Farenheit 451
07 – Je Me Souviendrai
08 – Blanche
09 – In Front of Angkor
10 – Resist
11 – Functional One
12 – Beaucoup Fast
13 – Plain of Flint

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