Saturday, May 8, 2021
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Premiere: Dyspal – Tabloïd (Skryptöm)

Tabloïd from Lore LP by Dyspal, out 19 March on Skryptöm Having just delivered ‘Gathering Generations’, a compilation marking its 50th release, Skryptöm has prepared...

Exclusive Premiere: Electric Rescue – Farenheit 451(Skryptöm)

Farenheit 451, taken from Esquisse du Nouveau Monde LP by Electric Rescue , out May 29 on Skryptöm Electric Rescue is coming back with a...

Möd3rn – 07/16EP – Möd3rn records 7

This new EP from Möd3rn announcing the forthcoming Album for April 2017. Möd3rn is a global project from Roman Poncet aka Traumer, Electric Rescue and...