Premiere: Yarni – Shibori (Klassified)

Shibori from Boro LP, out 14 May on Klassified

‘Boro’ is taken from the Japanese word for patchwork textiles, and the idea of patching things together is the foundation of the second concept album from music maker Yarni.

The release showcases Yarni’s ambition to keep moving forward musically, touching on diverse influences from jazz, funk, rock and electronica.

The album’s concept comes from Yarni’s first trip to Japan. The musician was fascinated by the way the Japanese hold onto their traditions and embrace super-futuristic ideas at the same time.

That combination of old and new flowed into the album’s creation. Yarni enrolled some local jazz musicians to contribute to the album’s live feel, while he played several traditional instruments himself. These sounds were blended with futuristic synthesis to produce something that feels fresh and exciting in 2021.

This is a record that represents Yarni’s broad palette of inspirations. It’s an accessible listen, touching on many genres without ever going too far left-field. This isn’t an album to alienate listeners – it’s one to unite them.

Track Listing:
01. Insempo ft Jonoa
02. Go-Shi ft Jonoa
03. Shibori
04. Ogane
05. Golden Gai ft Jonoa & Rachel Shirley
06. Shibui
07. Kako ft Rachel Shirley
08. Purezento ft Jonoa
09. Aizome
10. Sashiko ft Jonoa & Rachel Shirley
11. Mira ft Ben Marks

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