Listen: The 83rd drops new single ‘Black Power Edit (Sampha The Great x DEBT STALKER)’

“Black Power sets off the tone and intention of FIGHT CLUB PACK [forthcoming]. It lays the groundwork for the rest of the multifaceted-ways the other records on the album encourage Black people. It is to say that you are beautiful, you are beyond tough and without a doubt, you got this… now go Get Emmm.

Fight Club Pack is what revolution sounds like. This is sonic ammunition for my people; fuel for your hearts and minds to continue to fight back against the intentional systems of oppression & violence meant to keep us below our God-given potential and quality of life.”
-The 83rd

The history behind the photo:
Original: 1967 Milwaukee Revolt
A police captain tries to place a woman (unknown) under arrest during the Milwaukee Resistance. The woman rightfully so gives him THAT WORK.

This was part of the “Long, Hot Summer of 1967”, the summer America went up in flames, as Blacks all over the country, fed up with overt police violence, terrorist attacks, segregation and discrimination, struck back. Over 150 cities of united Black people would hit the streets, and with action, demand change.
-The 83rd