Tracks of the Week: Techno Trip 11(ConnectFM)

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BMW, Nabil, Na Nich, Colors in Waves, Roman Flugel, Satoshi Fumi, The Hacker Vs Commuter, MMT-8, SRAMAANA, Co-Accused, Galga, Recondite, Eddie Hale, Joel Mull, POLS, Barbur, Psypad, Pusher, The Cyberian, Roberto Pagliaccia, Mizbee, Charlotte de Witte, Skream, Stazam, Orion, Axel Karakasis, TUN Torino Unlimited Noise

As Played on #ConnectFM, the non-vocal version
Selected by Doogie, Mixed by Koja


BMW – Coronchen (we_r house)
Nabil – Latch (Form 1 Records)
Na Nich – Karpati (Oblique Music)
Colors in Waves – Ultraviolet (Roman Flugel Remix) (Me Me Me)
Satoshi Fumi – Mbira (Bedrock Records)
The Hacker Vs Commuter – RBMK (MMT-8 Remix) (Cultivated Electronics)
SRAMAANA – Otrohn (Skryptöm records)
Co-Accused – Psychonaut Society (Co-Accused Records)
Galga – Sold 1 (Cosmic Society)
Recondite – Secluded (Afterlife)
Eddie Hale, Joel Mull – Revelation (Joel Mull Hypno Mix)(Denude)
POLS – Skid Row (Barbur Remix) (Frequenza)
psypad – Sunday (Original Mix) (NØICE RECORDS)
Pusher – Nostalgia (Indicate)
The Cyberian – Content Creator (CyRecs)
Roberto Pagliaccia – Out Of Tune feat. Mizbee (Original Mix) (Lapsus Music)
Charlotte de Witte – Formula (KNTXT)
Skream – Chesters Groove (Norman Nodge Yang Remix) (IFEEL)
Stazam – Robots Programados (Original Mix) (Stazam)
Orion – Enenra (Absence of Facts)
Axel Karakasis – Evening For Freaks (Remain Records)
TUN Torino Unlimited Noise – Balon (Jazz-O-Tech )

Artwork: The Hacker Vs Commuter

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