Argy drops the first of 3 ‘Interior Journey’ remix packs… ft. Whitesquare & Aera

What more can be said about Argy’s ‘Interior Journey’ album? The critically acclaimed LP marked his first release in 2 years and confirmed his status as one of the world’s most exciting electronic producers with its diverse sweep, which included the chart-topping, dancefloor-destroyer, ’Ketuvim’.

Now he returns to present the first of 3 very special ‘Interior Journey Remix’ EPs, where he’s invited highly respected artists to take on various tracks, “I had real fun reaching out to producers, both friends and colleagues,” he explains, “the response was incredible; everyone we asked more or less got onboard so the upshot is a portfolio of reinterpretations with real depth and quality. Part 1 is very fitting because it lays down a real statement of what’s to come…”.

We may be biased, but he really isn’t wrong.

First-up is the Italian king of all things indie – Whitesquare, who takes ‘High Priest’, Argy’s collaboration with And.ID and turns it into a perfect summer house anthem. If ever there was a record designed to lift spirits and celebrate the re-opening of our global dance floors, this is undoubtedly it.

Then things take a deeper, but no less dramatic turn with the most excellent Aera, who twists ‘The Third Degree’ into an infectious techno monster. Already the preserve of Solomun’s recent DJ sets, it’s a track that’ll find a favour with a wide spectrum of DJs and dance aficionados as Argy confirms, “both these remixes will hopefully bring joy to dancefloors around the world and I couldn’t be happier with them!”

Release Date: 6th August 2021
1. Argy – High Priest Feat. And.ID (Whitesquare Remix)
2. Argy – The Third Degree (Aera Remix)
3. Argy – High Priest Feat. And.ID
4. Argy – The Third Degree