Tracks of the Week: Techno Trip 14(ConnectFM)

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Feat. new tracks and remixes from:
Dave Clarke, Nina Kraviz, Francesco Tristano, Anthony Rother, ITNA, Roi, Carl Finlow, Nite Fleit, Justin Cudmore & Hiroko Yamamura, Adam Helder, Alex Connors & Hardy Heller, Apnoea, John Tejada, Basis Change, Pred & Grenier, Fear-E, A.Paul, DJ Dextro, Glaskin, Procombo, Steve Rachmad, Marcal, Chris Liebing, Poly Sone, Kaltstam and Fontaines D.C.

As Played on #ConnectFM, the non-vocal version
Selected by Doogie, Mixed by Koja

ITNA – Kelt 9b (Francesco Tristano Rework)(Supercinema Records)
Roi – Maianca (Carl Finlow Remix)(Fanzine Records)
Anthony Rother – Kocmoc (Original Mix)(System 108)
Nite Fleit – Bad Blood (Atomic Alert)
Justin Cudmore & Hiroko Yamamura – I’m Not A Trip, I’m A Journey (HE.SHE.THEY)
Adam Helder – Grandeur (Hawthorne Sessions)
Blamhaus – Cardinale (B-haus010)
Alex Connors & Hardy Heller – Bloom (Ohral Extended Dub Mix)(Ohral)
Apnoea – Phnk (John Tejada Remix) (Stripped Down)
Basis Change – Asymptote (The Gods Planet)
Pred & Grenier – No Ocean (Timeshare)
A.Paul, DJ Dextro – Roller Blade (Korpus 9)

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Fear-E – New Cycles (Dark Entries)
Glaskin – Stalactite Cave (YAEL)
Procombo – Dogu (Steve Rachmad Remix) (RX Recordings)
Marcal – Matsu (Rekids Special Projects)
Chris Liebing – Alchemist (CLR)
Poly SoneSuperspatial Dimension (Absence of Facts)
Kaltstam – Stains On The Toilet Paper Roll Of Time (Absence of Facts)
Fontaines D.C. – Televised Mind (Dave Clarke Remix) (Partisan Records)
Nina Kraviz – Skyscrapers (radio edit) (trip recordings)

Cover: ITNA
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