Legowelt and Maelstrom remix Tag & Wandrach’s “Zusammenkunft”

Following their free-to-download ‘EAMZ’ track via Burial Soil‘s Bandcamp page, Tag & Wandrach – Berlin’s Nico Heyer, better known as DJ T.A.G. and Thomas Wandrach – are returning to Burial Soil and this time with a bang!

For this amazing new EP, they won over none other than Legowelt and Maelstrom to remix their track ‘Zusammenkunft’. And in the traditional Burial Soil manner, label head, Ravn Jonassen laid his hands on their B-side cut, ‘Aus Der Ferne’. Expect great variety in all the mixes on this essential release

Tag & Wandrach – Zusammenkunft
Released: 10 (v) / 17 (d) December 2021
Track Listing:
1. Zusammenkunft (Original Mix)
2. Zusammenkunft (Legowelt Remix)
3. Zusammenkunft (Maelstrom Remix)
4. Aus Der Ferne (Original Mix)
5. Aus Der Ferne (Ravn Jonassen Remix)