Tracks of the Week: House ConnectFM 15

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Feat. new tracks and remixes from:
Roger Sanchez, Jorja Smith, Crystal Waters, Scorpion Kings, Mo’jardo, Boris, Marco Zorobbi, mOnster Heart Driver, Razda, Tony H, Swavé, Virak, Junior Jack, Richie Blacker, Raffa FL, Wh0, Tennan, Fito Foster, DJ Dez Salsa (De Corazon), Satin Jackets, ICLE, DSF, Wajatta, UC Beatz, NODEN, 2XM x Cortese, Anya Sweeney, Nick Hanzo, The Golden Boy, Angel Moraes, Wbeeza, Alice Russell, Wayward, Kareem Ali, lau.ra, Lawrence Hart,Wheelman, Ryan Clover and Elliot Adamson

Radio Mix as played on ConnectFM, the non-vocal version
Selected & Presented by Doogie

Mo’jardo – Runaway [Lemongrassmusic]
Jorja Smith – All Of This (Scorpion Kings Remix) [FAMM]
Boris – Kiki Disco [Edible]
Marco Zorobbi – NYC Of Night (Original Mix)
Rony Seikaly – Won’t Stop Now feat. Diddy [STRIDE]
mOnster Heart Driver – Squares in Circle [Pace Keepin Records]
Razda – Thinking About You [Unreserved Records]
Tony H, Swavé – She Moves The World [Desert Hearts]
Virak – More Than (Junior Jack Rework) [Adesso Music]
Richie Blacker & Crystal Waters – Never Enough (Club Mix) [SIGNAL SUPPLY]
Raffa FL – Treat (Wh0 Festival Remix) [Extended][The Myth Of NYX]
Tennan – Clairvoyant [South Of Saturn]
Fito Foster – Salsa (DJ Dez Salsa (De Corazon) Remix) [BBE Music]
Satin Jackets – Don’t Worry [Eskimo Recordings]
ICLE – From Lockdown To Relief (DSF Remix) [Underdogs Music]
Wajatta – Stone Hearted [Brainfeeder]
UC Beatz – Nightzoom [B2 Recordings]

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NODEN – Last Night [Midnight Riot]
2XM x Cortese Feat. Anya Sweeney – Psilo [Eton Messy Records]
Nick Hanzo – Like Glass But Candy [fortunea]
The Golden Boy – Desert Island Disco [Eton Messy Records]
Angel Moraes feat. Tonia – Harmony (Roger Sanchez Dub Remix) [Griffintown Records]
Ben Muetsch, Neal Porter – My Life [Moonbootique]
Wbeeza – House Wok ft Alice Russell. Smpl [RDV Music [Récit de Voyage]]
Wayward – Ridge Road (Kareem Ali’s House Mix) [Silver Bear Recordings]
Wheelman – Tripped [Stereotone]
lau.ra – Body Go (Lawrence Hart Remix)[Needwant]
Ryan Clover – Disrespectful[ARTS]
Elliot Adamson – Like It Is[Trick]
Karma Kid – Hands[Eton Messy Records]
Conclave – Relax (Jenifa Mayanja Remix) [Love Injection Records]

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