Listen: DJs Pareja & Matias Aguayo join forces under MDM Factory alias for new EP ‘La Vida Loca’ on Cómeme

DJs Pareja and Matias Aguayo have joined to form the dance project MDM Factory!

Modern transcendental Techno music for those who know, and those who want to learn!

In a turmoil of events nightlife would change forever, and confined to their respective places – A flat in Buenos Aires and a house in the jungle Diego Irasusta, Mariano Caloso and Matias Aguayo joined forces to create new communication on distance via music.

Taking all their dance floor knowledge and dreaming of sound systems and togetherness in a better future, DJs Pareja & Aguayo put their minds, bodies and souls to work on this stunning EP that will please the forward thinking underground freaks as well as the big room techno pros.

Let’s dive into this divine mess of glorious dance floor jams from the future…

MDM Factory – La Vida Loca
Release Date:25 February 2022
Track List:

A1. Curvas Peligrosas
A2. Love Boat
B1. La Vida Loca
B2. Las Llaves