Premiere: Francesco Terranova – Tunafish (EPMmusic)

Tunafish is taken from Francesco Terranova’s S/T EP, out 1 April 2022 on EPMmusic

Coming after the more experimental EPs by Theiz (EPM95) and Busby (EPM96), which explored IDM, Electronica, deeper Techno and Breaks, they return to their roots with a new EP by one of their favourite Italian producers, Francesco Terranova. A regular on EPMmusic since 2015, Francesco now delivers his fifth EP ‘Tolerance’ to EPM.

The EP features four no-nonsense, straight-to-the-dancefloor Techno tracks from its warehouse-primed opener, ‘Tunafish’ and the deeper, pulsating ‘Tolerance’ to the clang of ‘Love and Perc’ before ‘Vitality’ closes with an ominous undertone.

Francesco Terranova – Tunafish EP
Track Listing:

1. Tunafish
2. Tolerance
3. Love and Perc
4. Vitality

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