Premiere: Adam Helder – Running Toward (Hawthorne Sessions)

Running Toward is taken from Adam Helder’s new album ‘Unnecessary’, out 22 April on Hawthorne Sessions

After 8 years, Adam Helder is back with a new album, mostly produced during the hardest month of the Sars-cov 2 pandemic.

The title “Unnecessary” comes from the general idea society has about art, something unnecessary, a waste of time.
But being able to produce art is what sets us apart from the animal kingdom, the ability to imagine and bring to life something that didn’t exist before.

Music and arts where left behind in the past few years, like it’s something unnecessary, but it can be a song, a painting or any other work of the human imagination, it’s what makes us special, a feeling that goes beyond the market, we do it for ourself, and we cannot do without it.

Adam Helder – Unnecessary (Album)

01. Void (Original Mix)
02. Fragments (Original Mix)
03. Running Toward (Original Mix)
04. Behind The Curtain (Original Mix)
05. Brave Bird (Original Mix)
06. Void Reprise (Original Mix)
07. Supernatural (Original Mix)
08. Running Through (Original Mix)
09. The High (Original Mix)
10. So Long (Original Mix)

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