Tracks of the Week: House ConnectFM 28

The latest episode of Tracks of the Week House ConnectFM 28 is now available via Soundcloud, Mixcloud and Spotify.

Feat. new tracks and remixes from:
Aguila, Frank & Tony, AXIOMATICS, Ricky Razu, Javonntte, Djego Silber, Dark & Stormy, Andruss, Baby Luck, Bress Underground, Dj Flashdrive, Head High + Cassy, LRS, Give Love, Chambray, FAULHABER & Lukas Vane, Alvaro Smart, Tuff Bear

Radio Mix as played on ConnectFM, the non-vocal version
Curated by Doogie

Ricky Razu – Keep Hope Alive [AOC]
Javonntte – House Grammy (Feat. musclecars) [Coloring Lessons Records]

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Marlon Kirk – Mediator [Unprincipled Records]
Frank & Tony – Time Out Of Mind [Scissor & Thread]
Dave & Omar – Starlight (Dave Lee’s Club Edit) [Z Records]
Chuck Daniels & Tall Black Guy feat. Abby B – Slipping Away (Chuck Daniels Remix) [Beatstrong Music]
Aguila – Zenith’s Groove [all my thoughts]
Djego Silber – Can I Have You [SEÑORITA RECORDS]
Dark & Stormy – Fuq With It (Siwark & Hassio Remix) [Rejekt Music]
Andruss – Paya [South Of Saturn]
Baby Luck – Fire [Plump Records]
Dan Ros – Funk Dream [HOT GROOVERS]
Bress Underground – Bre78 [Bress Underground]
Dj Flashdrive – Your Name is Not On The List [Back Door Records]
Head High + Cassy – Changes [Power House]
Wh0 – Sunshine (Extended Mix) [Thrive Music]
Give Love – Disco Air [Music To Die For Recordings]
Chambray – Attire [Edible]

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FAULHABER & Lukas Vane – Push It (Extended Mix)[Protocol]
Alvaro Smart – Break The Rules (Extended Mix) [NONSTOP]
Tuff Bear – Picnic [Acrophase Records]

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Cover: Wei Cheng Wu