Premiere: Andrey Sirotkin – Sleep [Default Position]

Sleep is taken from Andrey Sirotkin ‘s Dusk EP, out September 12th on Default Position

Default Position welcomes Ukrainian-born DJ producer Andrey Sirotkin to the label – with his debut deep techno EP, ‘Dusk’.

As a seasoned music maker Sirotkin brings a wealth of experience, having produced several genres – from deep house and dub techno to drum and bass and dubstep under his alias I Wannabe.

Sirotkin’s latest four-track EP transports the listener into a spooky dark underworld, with its
moody, acid-esque basslines, haunting pads, and mesmerising percussive melodies. “In Ukraine, we have this trend of hard banging music“, says Sirotkin. “Some people have difficulty appreciating deeper grooves” So with ‘Dusk’ it was about making something that could be experienced in more spiritual ways. It’s for people who are maybe not into the hard dance experience but still love electronic music.

As the conflict in Ukraine rages on Sirotkin continues to work tirelessly on releasing music from his studio in Kyiv. Realising that nothing can be taken for granted, the volatility of the situation motivates him to persevere.

Music helps many people in Ukraine cope right now“,

he says. “But some people here also feel guilty about listening to or making music at the moment” But music works like a cure for me. It helps in the same way that meditation or physical exercise can help.

All proceeds will be donated to Red Cross Ukraine.

Track List:

1. Dusk
2. Hotpalm Touch
3. I’m Adam
4. Sleep

This release will be featured soon on Deep ConnectFM Tracks of the Week, stay tuned!

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