Lady Alma, Joey Crawford, Rob Paine – Love Right Now

Worship Recordings founder Rob Paine reconnects with label stalwarts Lady Alma and Joey Crawford for brooding, soulful cut ‘Love Right Now’, featuring a remix by Philly hero Pete Moss.

Understated and smooth, yet more than potent enough to move a dance-floor, ‘Love Right Now’ features Lady Alma’s spoken word poetry on the subject of love, alongside her harmony-drenched hook. Rob and Joey’s ‘Tech Dub’ sends the tune into trackier, more hypnotic territory, retaining the original’s classy, restrained feel, while Pete Moss summons up a timeless Deep House vibe for his floaty, spiritual reworking of the song.

Joey (Crawford) and I met over 20 years ago in the Philly house music scene” says Rob Paine. “We stayed in touch all these years and one day he sent me some snippets he was messing around with. The groove of this particular one stood out to me the most. I immediately had some ideas to help take it to a finished state. We called in our sister Lady Alma, who knew exactly what it needed, which wasn’t a full traditional song structure. She created a call and response harmony builder that climaxes into a bridge where she recites a Psalm about love. This definitely had a Pete Moss feel to it, so it was only right to call the big man himself to do the remix. Really loved how organically this whole project came together.

DJing parties across Philadelphia and holding a residency in New York from the 2000, Joey Crawford stepped away from the DJ life around 2010 to concentrate on production. Never shopping his tracks to labels, or even playing them to anyone, it was reconnecting with Rob Paine that inspired Crawford to share his work. “I honestly make music because it’s like therapy to me” says Crawford. “I guess if people dig some of the sounds that come out of my head, I’m on the right path. There is so much to learn about music production, and it was an honor to work with my friend Rob on this first of many projects. I’m glad he talked me into it.”

So great to be back on Worship with a new remix” says Pete Moss. “We have had many special releases over the years so when Rob asked me to be a part of this project with Alma I jumped at the chance. She has always been such an inspiring artist and a true Philly gem. The project came together nicely I must say, I hope everyone enjoys it.

We’ll leave the final word to Lady Alma: “‘Love Right Now’ is a syncopated groove with cosmic keys and the mantra reminding the dancer and the DJs to love and let the love shine through to the people, the dancers, the children, THE WORLD”. Amen to that.

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