Kmyle steps up with a 6-track EP on his imprint including Umwelt’s remix

After this special year, Kmyle is coming back on his own label imprint.

For The Flash consists of 6 original tracks followed by a dark re-interpretation from the respected french veteran Umwelt.

This work by Kmyle tells about the disorder in our civilization, considering the violence and egoistic attitude towards the human nation but also the artistic beauty renewal coming out of it.

The artist delivers a beautiful and emotional trip into his personal universe created with cinematic melodies driven by intense hypnotic drums. Sometimes brutal and dramatic, sometimes modern and melancholic.

Kmyle ‘For The Flash EP’

Release date: March 17th, 2023

1 For The Flash
2 Static Forces
3 Glory
4 Glory ( Umwelt remix )
5 Rythmatic
6 Scorpion
7 Adele

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