UK duo Deltech to release ‘She Aint Funky’ EP on Más Vida Music

Following releases on Sola, Vassnova, 7 Pot Primo and many more, UK duo Deltech arrive on Más Vida Music with an emphatic label debut spread across two subterranean stompers on their ‘She Aint Funky’ EP.

Opening with the title cut, ‘She Aint Funky’ comes in hot with racy rhythms and rumbling low-frequency drive from the outset. Soulful vocal runs and gritty melodies carry the track forwards through a stream of twists and turns accented by percussive flair from start to finish.

‘Whirly’ rounds off the release with upbeat rolling grooves and more thickened low-end grit. Punchy drums and crisp percussive drive steer the track alongside a catchy bassline, subtle melodic elements and cleverly placed vocal chops to bring maximum energy to the mix.

Deltech – She Aint Funky EP
Release Date(s): 31st March 2023

1) Deltech – She Aint Funky (Original Mix)
2) Deltech – Whirly (Original Mix)

In a short space of time, Derby duo Deltech have created a unique sound that has netted them releases on Under No Illusion, Happy Techno, Freak, Slightly Sizzled, Stashed, Huambo Records, Toasty Beats, plus features on Blanc and Techno Bible. With rolling basslines and underground sounds, Deltech know how to spark the dance floor and are ones to watch out for with music supported by many of the industry’s best known artists.

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