WDDS returns with Pedra EP on Hectare Discs Recordings

WDDS (pronounced ‘Woods’) returns with his first works of 2023; four, cold, moody, captivating, atmospheric dubstep tracks following a suit of releases on his label Hectare Discs and a stand-out jungle track on EMA’s Woozy 2.5 compilation.

The Mancunian draws a wide range of influences, spanning cinematic techno and contemporary film scores, already perking the ears of honourable selectors such as Jossy Mitsu, Mixtress and Mantra.

‘Pedra’ glides over a sub-heavy bass and reverberated stabs that are set against spacious percussion.

‘Rough Peak’ is glitchy and eerie, complimented by a warping baseline and a sinister drone that slowly builds into a peak-time driver.

‘Hunts Bank’ uses samples from central-African origin reworked into a crunchy-roller suited to the latter stages of a wild and dark club evening, reminiscing something of the early DMZ, Tectonic and Hemlock days.

The final track of the EP ‘Tokyo 2047’ is a futuristic dubstep rhythm capturing the essence of a late night in a city of the future.

Release Date: May 12th 2023

1. WDDS – Pedra
2. WDDS – Rough Peak
3. WDDS – Hunts Bank
4. WDDS – Tokyo 2047

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