Austin Ato releases new single ‘Get Madd’

There is “acid house” and there is “jacking, pulsating acid house propelled by rattling percussion, raw 303s drenched in sweat and crashing noise”. This is the latter. Get Madd is the 2nd single by Austin Ato for his own I Love Your Energy label and it raises the tension and ratchets up the tempo from the inaugural release Discolombo released back in February.

Drawing a line from Tyree’s classic Acid Crash through to the modern day, Get Madd was produced and mixed by Austin in his studio, harnessing the groove of those classic house records. He strips back the elements and focuses on energy and noise, this is body music for the peak-time set.

The label I Love Your Energy is named for what people tell Austin Ato after his electric DJ sets and is also the title of his club night residency in Glasgow’s Berkeley Suite.

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