Rone announces L(oo)ping and breathes new life into seminal Bora

Rone announces L(oo)ping and breathes new life into seminal Bora

The 2008 cut, which features a spoken word sample by French SF writer Alain Damasio, is adorned with string synths that were easily translated to the orchestra through Romain Allender’s arrangements.

The track introduces the long-awaited project in a way that is almost born to be : L(oo)ping

The story of L(oo)ping, like that of any great leap, began with trepidation. Even for Rone, who’s used to making bold moves, the orchestra had always seemed a step too far. “For someone like me, who’s self-taught, I felt an inferiority complex in relation to scholarly music,” says Rone. Luckily, the composer and arranger, Romain Allender was there to break the ice. Allender, who has for many years worked beside Alexandre Desplat on several renowned scores (The Grand Budapest Hotel by Wes Anderson and The Shape of Water by Guillermo del Toro amongst others), was an early fan of Rone’s music, detecting in the producer’s sound a palette akin to that of the orchestra. “His music, which is very dreamlike and sensory, is an incredibly rich raw material for orchestral writing,” notes Allender.

“Bora remains a very important piece for me, confirms Rone, I play it all the time and it takes different forms each time” Rone

The two firstly worked together on the 2017 piece, Motion alongside Les Siècles, a collaboration that not only sealed their friendship but also opened a new world for Rone, one in which orchestra and electronics conversed with a playful fluidity and harmony. “It was Romain who really built the bridge between this acoustic world and mine,” says Rone. Together, guided by their strong desires, they designed a journey, a narrative with its dark passages and other brighter ones, grandiose flights and moments of intimacy.

“The integration of the orchestra with electronics is always a very delicate exercise, because the mixture between these two worlds must be carefully balanced. You also then have to think about the 80 musicians who are going to perform this music, and therefore make their individual scores as interesting and musical as possible,” says Allender. 

The eleven pieces chosen each mark a different stage in Rone’s trajectory, from one of his first-ever productions, ‘Bora’, born in a studio flat in Paris in 2008 when he was still a student, all the way to the soundtrack composed for the 2022 short-film, ‘Ghosts’, written by Spike Jonze, directed and performed by (LA)HORDE. L(oo)ping isn’t just an orchestral re-telling of Rone’s work, however. New life has been breathed into the music through Allender’s arrangements as well as Rone’s own interaction with the Orchestre National de Lyon and conductor Dirk Brossé.

There’s a rich dramaturgy to the music, but not once does the acoustic trample on the electronic nor vice-versa. Rather, L(oo)ping manages to achieve an elegant and playful tight-rope balance between both voices that keeps listeners hooked on suspense and surprise

Rone ‘s was recorded with the Orchestre National de Lyon conducted by Dirk Brossé. The new album will be released on June 16th, 2023

L(oo)ping live – Orchestre National de Lyon – Dirk Brossé – Cubenx – Romain Allender

19.06.23 – PARIS – Phlharmonie (Sold out)
20.06.23 – PARIS – Phlharmonie (Sold out)

Rone Feat Orchestre National de Lyon conduced by Dirk Brossé – Bora Vocal [L(oo)ping Version] out now

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