Deep ConnectFM 50: Tracks of the Week

The latest episode of Tracks of the Week Deep ConnectFM 50 edition is available now via Soundcloud, Mixcloud, and Spotify

This episode features the best new Tracks and Remixes from:

Martyn X Om Unit, Matias Aguayo, Bawrut, N1NJA, Molly, Deep Cuddle, Pheek, Mihail P, Lawrence, Leandro Silva, Rhythm Of Paradise, Sumsuch, Will Brock, Gavin Boyce, Telurika and Andrés Caballero, Artist Code 505241, APOTEK, Roe Deers, Bassem Daouk, Sloe, PiNG (UK), Drux & Albin Renard, Paul Walter, Adam Antine, Latrec, Idiom, Francesco Mami & Julien Chaptal, Marco Piangiamore, Jon Hester, Camion Bazar, Voodoos and Taboos, Jacob Seidensticker & Melina, Unknown Associates, Denney, Tara Bloom, JPA, Romes, Ten Fingerz, Max Cooper, Llyr, ADRIANZA & Lou Flores

Radio Mix as Played on ConnectFM, the non-vocal version
Curated by Doogie

N1NJA – London Blues [Mobilee Records]
Molly – On The Road Again (Lawrence Remix 1) [Stolar]
Leandro Silva – Entice [Igual Records]
Rhythm Of Paradise – In Your Face [Smallville60]
Sumsuch, Will Brock – Don’t Know Where I’m Going (Gavin Boyce Dub) [Colour and Pitch]
Telurika and Andrés Caballero – Mars Dance (Original Mix) [Hangar Beatz]

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Artist Code 505241 – Get a Life Back [Cod3 QR]
APOTEK – How It Used to Be [Self-Released]
Roe Deers feat. Palme s Z iedas – Tarp Raudonu S viesu (Bawrut Remix) [Good Skills]
Pheek – Evanescent [Archipel Musique]
Bassem Daouk – She Is The Ocean (Sloe Remix) [SE Records]
PiNG (UK) – Dr.Dub [Fleshtones]
Deep Cuddle – All Right [Penthouse Audio Group]
Drux & Albin Renard – Replicant (Paul Walter my stellababy remix) [Cabale Records]
Adam Antine – Sortavala [R&S Records]
Latrec – Kutika (Dub) [Viscera Transmissions]
Idiom – Preventer (Original Mix) [Idiom]
Francesco Mami & Julien Chaptal – Hulud [Rhythm Cult]
Marco Piangiamore – Closed Circuit [BluFin Records]
Jon Hester – Sustain [ODD EVEN]
Camion Bazar – Beow (Voodoos and Taboos Remix)[Jaki Records]
Jakob Seidensticker & Melina – La Boom [Platte International]

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Unknown Associates – Handle It (Denney Remix)[Unknown Records]
Tara Bloom – Desire (JPA Remix)[Valiant Records]
Romes – Love made me this way [Hour Glass Records]
Ten Fingerz – Love Spell [Frappé]
Matias Aguayo – El Camarón (Paurro Bass Mix) [Cómeme]
Max Cooper – Solace In Structure (Llyr Remix) [Mesh]
Martyn X Om Unit – Basilisk [3024]
ADRIANZA & Lou Flores – Viaje [Adrianza Records]
Mihail P – Circadian Rhythms [Nightflight records]

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