Futuristic 19 (Future Sounds)

The latest episode of Futuristic 19 (Future Sounds by Doogie)is available now to stream via Soundcloud, Mixcloud, and Spotify.

This episode features new Tracks and Remixes from:

Martyn X Om Unit, Sensu x Lawrence Hart, ELEFAN, Jordan Stanley, Matias Aguayo, Zouj x Sahareya, Mattr, Reid Willis, Granul, Jtamul, Doline, TRAKA, Commodo, Niven, Nørus, Vitor Munhoz, LWS, Jakob, DJ Godfather, Hint, Dylan Dylan, APOTEK, Jessy Lanza, HATT.D, Gora & Eloy, Nick León, Parts Project, High Season, Max Cooper, Manni Dee, Julia Govor, Zaida Zane, Kalabash, Quentin Hiatus, Whylie, Glimmerman, Camion Bazar, Moakz, Dan Guidance, Hocseat, Vectasonic, Nothing, Průvan, Thomas Burkhardt, Hedo Hydr8, Kamen, Seidensticker & Melina

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ELEFAN – Ground [City Tracks]
Jordan Stanley – Another Can To Hide Behind [Bytes]
Mattr – Rand [Matthew Clugston]
Reid Willis – Sifting Through The Years [Mesh]
Granul – Deformity (Jtamul Remix) [YUKU]
Doline – Echo Bosquet [Grid]
TRAKA – Yosai (Commodo Remix) [YUKU]
Niven – Rositsa Walks [Blank Dust]
Nørus – Brainsuckers (Vitor Munhoz Remix)[Nørus]
LWS – Seriously Soda [N-Face]
Jakob Seidensticker & Melina – Kein Ufo (Even Drones Third Encounter Remix) [Platte International]
DJ Godfather – Let’s Talk Sum Jit [Databass Records]

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Hint – Physical Stamina (Titeknots Remix) [Tru Thoughts]
Zouj x Sahareya – Freeride [City Slang]
Dylan Dylan – How We Do It [FROUFROUFROU]
Jessy Lanza – Don’t Leave Me Now [Hyperdub]
Sensu x Lawrence Hart – Perfect Life [Attack Decay Sweet Release]
HATT.D – Emotionz (Part Two)[FROUFROUFROU]

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Gora & Eloy – Still A Mystery [Mayerhofer, Ghassemlou]
Matias Aguayo – El Camarón (Nick León 2023 Murky Remix) [Cómeme]
Parts Project – Passers [Juncture Music]
High Season – Compact [Permanent Vacation]
Max Cooper – Exotic Contents (Manni Dee Remix)[Mesh]
Martyn X Om Unit – Illroy [3024]
Julia Govor – Where‘s My Cat (Zaida Zane Remix)
Kalabash – Make Objects That Talk Then Listen to Them [Tropopause Records]
Quentin Hiatus – You Were Right About Everything [Free Love Digi]
Whylie – In The Sky [YUKU]

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Glimmerman – One Hundred and Sixty Times [N-Face]
Camion Bazar – Six Avril (Neida Remix) [Jaki Records]
Moakz – The Night Ravers (Original Mix) [Codename: RCRDS]
Dan Guidance – I’ll Wait [Celsius Recordings]
Hocseat – Kryptogram [Fokuz Recordings]
Vectasonic – Underdog [Influenza Media]
Nothing – Song For A Drifting Rose[Codename: RCRDS]
Průvan – Zlobivá [YUKU]

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Thomas Burkhardt – Weiter [Thomas Burkhardt]
Hedo Hydr8 – Adult Sorrow [Hedo Hydr8]
Kamen – L’Établissement [Skryptöm Records]

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Cover: Michael Dziedzic