Premiere: DJ Godfather – Let’s Talk Sum Jit [Databass]

Let’s Talk Sum Jit is taken from DJ Godfather ‘s Hold Up EP, out 12th May on Databass

At the tail end of 2021 DJ Godfather released ‘This Detroit Thing Of Ours’. Like his ‘Electro Beats For Freaks’ album the previous year, it featured an abundance of tracks which segued into one another – 46 tracks in total with a running time of nearly 2 hours. This is a man who likes to break all the album rules!

Full of variety, the album covered genres like Electro, Techno, House and Ghetto Tech alongside collaborations with DJ Deeon, Goodmoney G100, King Saaidi, Gettoblaster & Missy, Lil Mz 313, Ricky Burns, JPE, Parkhouse and Dan Diamond.

Revisiting that epic album, DJ Godfather is releasing a series of EPs which feature full length versions, alternative mixes, acapellas and instrumentals of some of those tracks.

EP 5 of 11

DJ Godfather – Hold Up EP
Track Listing:

1. Hold Up Featuring DJ Deeon
2. Let’s Talk Sum Jit
3. Shake Them
4. Block The Hoe Featuring Ricky Burns
5. Block The Hoe Featuring Ricky Burns (Instrumental)
6. Block The Hoe Featuring Ricky Burns (Acapella)
7. Squo?

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