Melodic Journey 38(ConnectFM): Tracks of the Week

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This episode incl. the best new Tracks and Remixes from:
Laurent Garnier, Jay Dee aka J Dilla, Kölsch, Duke Boara, M.A.N.D.Y, OXIA, Anna Tur, Eli Brown, Black Circle, Coda Deep, Emmet Read, JourneyDeep, Sean McClellan, Dani Boom, Pernett, Nakosta Yoris, Frank Muller, Allan Shotter, Definition, Nicolas Masseyeff, ATMokinesis, AMAS, Enamour, Rexton, Fritz Kalkbrenner, Di Rugerio, Voices Of Valley, Andreas Balicki, Plaisir De France, Badknife, Earthlife, Carlos Bacchüs, Ivan Martinez, Kevin De Vries, Nik Thrine, Voltaire, Cristian Viviano and Luke Santos

Radio Mix as Played on ConnectFM, the non-vocal version
Curated by Doogie

Jay Dee aka J Dilla – B.B.E. – Big Booty Express (Coda Deep’s Enchanted Remix) [BBE Music]
Emmet Read – Dreamland [Polari Records]
JourneyDeep – Billy Kicks (Sean McClellan Remix) [JourneyDeep Records]

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Dani Boom, Pernett – Amor Profundo (M.A.N.D.Y Remix) [Get Physical Music]
Nakosta Yoris Feat. Hire Me-Kaputt Frank Muller Deep Mix [Lust Record]
Allan Shotter – Ueno (Definition Remix) [DefinitionMusic]
OXIA, Nicolas Masseyeff – Connivence (Black Circle Remix) [Diversions Music]
ATMokinesis – Had A Dream About This [Afrikan Tales]
AMAS – 2184 (Vinyl Only)
Enamour – Cause and Affection [Anjunadeep]
Rexton – Something about you [Unbelievable Music]
Fritz Kalkbrenner – In The Morning (Extended Mix) [Nasua Music]
Di Rugerio – Vita Nova (Voices Of Valley Remix) [Wout Records]
Andreas Balicki – Dear Sea (Extended Version) [Rummelplatzmusik]
Plaisir De France feat The Chauffeur – Sur La Piste (Badknife Remix) [Plaisir de France]
Earthlife – Expander [Poesie Musik]
Carlos Bacchüs – Lithops (Ivan Martinez Mex Remix) [Onestar Records]
Kevin De Vries – Dance With Me (Kölsch Remix) [Afterlife Recordings]
Duke Boara – Evergreen [Duke Boara]
Laurent Garnier Reviens la Nuit [Cod3 QR]
Nik Thrine – The Secret (Secret Mix) [Music is 4 Lovers]
Voltaire – Frequencies [Aestria]

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Cristian Viviano meets Anna Tur – Where I’ve Been [feat.Franco] (Anna Tur Remix) [Descending Order]
Eli Brown – Pressure [Drumcode]
Luke Santos – I Am Everything Feat. Amber Long [Musique de Lune Noire]

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Cover: Pawel Czerwinski

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