Human-made techno meets AI in new label Primal Instinct, launched by Alarico, Chlär and The Chronics

Primal Instinct, helmed by Alarico & Chlär (aka Funk Assault), and The Chronics, is a new label combining techno with the use of avant-garde tools like AI to generate sound and deliver a quality catalogue blending primaeval rhythm with futuristic club sounds.

The first Primal Instinct release, Funk Assault’s ‘Minimum One Post A Week’, is a tongue-in-cheek reference to artist’s urges and behaviours on social media. It sees the DJ/Production duo combine meticulously crafted rhythms and intricate sound design to create a kind of untamed techno marked by its refined and sophisticated sound, yet rawness in nature.

The A1, ‘Signing Your Own Posts’, kicks things off with flanged high-hats sizzling and sliding across dissonant synth hits, its trance-inducing rhythm subtly changing throughout the track. ‘Screenshots Of Compliments’ continues with the same syncopated percussion shot through with strobe-light-worthy bleeps, an alien vocal sample grounding its composition.

On the B-side, ‘I Am A DJ Too’ almost has a minimal approach, with psychedelic squelches, sporadic arps and whirrs alternating over a steady, sturdy kickdrum. This is before ‘Pre-Gig Selfie’ comes in with the duo’s signature complex grooves, igniting primal desires to dance through the clever use of cut-up vocal samples, rolling percs and a deep, driving bass bin-rattling rumble. Closing out this debut vinyl release, ‘That’s The Funk Assault’ boasts an infectious hip-hop vocal, full-bodied stabs and ceaseless, hard-hitting tribal rhythm.

Beyond the studio, Funk Assault deliver eight CDJ and two mixer DJ sets, solely comprising of their own unreleased music, provide a deeply immersive sonic experience. They champion Primal Instinct’s new vision, sending dancefloors into a frenzy using gritty, organic and bionic soundscapes marked by tribal, soulful grooves.

Funk Assault ‘Minimum One Post A Week’ releases via Primal Instinct 22nd June 2023


A1 Signing Your Own Post
A2 Screenshots Of Compliments
B1 I Am A DJ Too
B2 Pre-Gig Selfie
B3 That’s The Funk Assault

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