Sola shares futuristic and dreamy breaks single “One Breath”

Today, London-based multi-instrumentalist/producer/vocalist Sola, shares brand new single ‘One Breath’, via Jamz Supernova’s label Future Bounce.

The new single is the latest offering from Sola ahead of releasing her EP, Warped Soul. The futuristic track features Sola’s silky vocals with a lush, dreamy dub/breaks break out. The song explores what it means to find solace in self preservation and quiet surroundings.

Of the song, Sola, shares: “This was one of the last tracks I wrote for the project in January 2022. Production-wise, it’s more obviously inspired by breakbeats and d’n’b, but I was also really trying to play with some more Bjork-influenced micro-beats, which is what inspired the more intricate push and pull rhythms throughout the verse. I was also simultaneously listening to a lot of older gospel music, especially The Clark Sisters, at the time. So the call-and-response melodies and choir-like harmonies were definitely subconsciously influenced by that. Thematically, the song is about self preservation and finding intimacy in the quiet.”