Luigi Sambuy & Kris Berle – Here Until Now

Luigi Sambuy and Kris Berle’s “Here Until Now” is a departure from their usual sounds, blending influences from Omar S, Moodyman, and Theo Parrish.

“Here Until Now” seamlessly blends elements from lo-fi, minimalism, and 90s sample-based house into a cohesive whole. With its infectious grooves and nostalgic vibes reminiscent of 90s house music’s golden era, this release is sure to make waves in the electronic music scene.

Both expats in different countries (USA and Mexico), the duo have made significant contributions to their respective scenes through organizing parties, hosting radio shows, and writing music.

Blending retro grooves with contemporary flair, Luigi Sambuy and Kris Berle’s “Here Until Now” is a testament to their cross-continental talent, painting a sonic tapestry of lo-fi minimalism that dances gracefully between the nostalgia of 90s house and the restless energy of today.

Artist(s): Luigi Sambuy, Kris Berle
Title: Here Until Now
Record Label: Fais Devoir
Cat.Number: FDV001
Release Date: 1st September 2023

1) Here Until Now

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