The Chemical Brothers Release “Skipping Like A Stone” featuring Beck

The Chemical Brothers Release “Skipping Like A Stone” featuring Beck, from the forthcoming tenth album “For That Beautiful Feeling” to be released 8th September

“For That Beautiful Feeling” includes the already released singles ‘No Reason’, ‘The Darkness That You Fear’ and ‘Live Again’, featuring vocals from Heavenly Recordings’ artist HALO MAUD. The album also features the return of Beck (previously heard on The Chemical Brothers’ 2015 single Wide Open) on the propulsive and dreamy Skipping Like A Stone.


“For That Beautiful Feeling”

1. Intro
2. Live Again (feat. Halo Maud)
3. No Reason
4. Goodbye
5. Fountains
6. Magic Wand
7. The Weight
8. Skipping Like A Stone (feat. Beck)
9. The Darkness That You Fear (Harvest Mix)
10. Feels Like I’m Dreaming
11. For That Beautiful Feeling (feat. Halo Maud)


The Chemical Brothers’ new album “For That Beautiful Feeling” is available on 3 x 12”, 2 x 12”, CD, Cassette, Download & Streaming everywhere on September 8th. Preorder here