Melodic ConnectFM 54: Tracks of the Week

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This episode incl. the best new Tracks and Remixes from:

GusGus, Camelphat, Mathame, James Heather, Steffi, Maxime Dangles, John Tejada, Mike Sheridan, Frank Muller, Mary Ocher, KIKO, Stil & Bense, Wallace and more

Radio Mix as Played on ConnectFM, the non-vocal version
Curated by Doogie

1. Wallace – Bubbles
2. Maxime Dangles – Matin Bleu (Penelope Antena remix)
3. DJ Psychiatre – Subtle Illusion
4. Fabio Aurea & Paso Doble ft. Anaphase – Backward Sky (Extended Mix)
5. Anvaya – Haa Re Maa

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6. Stil & Bense, Stella von Lingen -Your Weakness (Extended Mix)
7. Paradis Distant (KIKO Remix) – Zaratustra
8. Adolpho & Franky – Seven (Chinaksi Remix)
9. GusGus – Unfinished Symphonies
10. Camelphat, Mathame, Frynn – Many Times
11. James Heather – Beginnings (Steven Weston Remix)
12. Mary Ocher – Love Is Not A Place (feat Your Government
13. Nakosta Yoris – Kaputt feat. Hire Me (Frank Muller Deep Extended Remix)
14. Costello – Timeline
15. Matteo Veroni – Reverse Polarity (Original Mix)
16. NIN3S – ICTT [N3s]
17. John Tejada – Fight or Flight (feat. March Adstrum)
18. Joannes – Halfway Bliss
19. Canblaster – Klexos
20. Steffi – Agent Of Change (Doc Sleep Remix)
21. Whoriskey – Come Back (Original Mix)
22. Trutopia – Delusion (Extended Mix)

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23. Ghoulish – Comedown Chorus (ft. Natalya O’Flaherty)
24. Dellarge – Viaje al Sol (Silent Servant Rmx)
25. Cameo Blush – Life After
26. Xploding Plastix – The Bike Shed
27. Mike Sheridan – Universal Automation (feat. Janus Rasmussen)

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Photo/Cover:Tyler Lastovich

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