Logic1000 announces debut album ‘Mother’ on Because Music

Logic1000, the alias of Berlin-based producer Samantha Poulter, has announced her long-awaited debut album Mother will be released on 22 March via Therapy / Because Music. Along with the announcement she has shared the lead single ‘Self To Blame’ which features rising vocalist Kayla Blackmon.

As life changes go, matrescence ranks up there with the most seismic. Much romanticised, the process comes with a catalogue of irrevocable physical, psychological and emotional developments, many of which feel entirely unexpected. For Poulter, chief amongst these was an intense creative hunger, the likes of which she’d never experienced previously. “I felt so much love and inspiration entering into motherhood that I just needed to create” she explains, “I never thought I would be capable of something so powerful“.

That vitality and renewed sense of purpose is captured on Mother, Poulter’s long-awaited debut. Preceded by the previous single ‘Grown On Me’, the 12-track set is laser-focused. Written in collaboration with her long-time creative partner Tom McAlister (Cop Envy, Big Ever), Mother finds Poulter further fine-tuning her inventive, multi-genre approach.

In the midst of this Poulter had relocated to Berlin and given birth to her daughter, Genie. At a time when most new mothers would be taking time out of the public eye to acclimatise to parenthood, Poulter’s career was exploding post-lockdown, creating a unique set of pressures. “The very first show I ever played was very low key, to like five people, but then all of a sudden I was DJing in front of thousands“, she recalls. “It was just too much for me. I should have taken more time out after having Genie, and got really confident with my DJing, rather than travelling the world with a three-month-old“.

Having been diagnosed with schizophrenia and depression in her mid-20s, Poulter had long been managing her mental health successfully. But by ploughing forward to the point of burnout, she realized she was ignoring many of her key triggers. For her own wellbeing, Poulter retreated from DJing and focused her energies on finishing the album. “Tom and I have a deep, deep appreciation of house music“, she says of the album’s sonic focus. “There was so much excitement for us within that because stylistically there were so many different sub genres we could explore“. Mother is a record that communicates that curiosity, providing a record of Poulter’s personal and artistic growth as she learned to lean into her intuition.

A key part this growth will be Poulter’s return to DJing, which she now has the confidence to do on her own terms. With details to be announced soon she’ll be hosting day raves in Berlin and beyond under the banner ‘Logic1000 presents Therapy’. “These parties are for everyone“, she emphasises. “But it’s so important for parents and sober people to have the opportunity to enjoy themselves in a safe, welcoming environment, and in sociable hours.

With Mother, Poulter has created a time capsule of a difficult but beautiful period for her. Open-hearted and irresistibly melodic, this is house music that speaks directly to what it is to be human.

Mother tracklist:

1. From Within
2. Promises (Feat. Rochelle Jordan)
3. Can’t Let Go
4. Side By Side
5. Self To Blame (Feat. Kayla Blackmon)
6. Cartier
7. Heartbeat
8. Saint Rex
9. All U Like
10. Every Lil’ (Feat. DJ Plead and MJ Nebrada)
11. Oceanic
12. Grown On Me

Presave Mother here