Deep ConnectFM 61: Tracks of the Week

The latest episode of “Tracks of the Week Deep ConnectFM 61” edition is now available on SoundCloud, Mixcloud, and Spotify

This episode features the best new Tracks and Remixes from:

Lucid Lucia, Dan Curtin, Jim Rivers, Naan Boys, Hercules & Love Affair, Appleblim, Actress, Pangaea, Eddie Merced, Philipp Priebe, Youandewan, Takashi Watanabe Phelan Kane, Elysian Underground, Subb-an, and more

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Curated by Doogie

1. Actress – Oway ( f 7 )
2. Alighted – The Great Gig In The Sky
3. Nuage – Look What Love Has Done To Me
4. Phelan Kane – Sangsaric Illusions (Appleblim Remix)
5. Native Transmissions – Neighbourhood Odyssey
6. George Davis – Gomera (Roy’s Chitown Vibe)

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7. Philipp Priebe – Movements In An Empty Department Store
8. Eloi – Confusion
9. Brian Burnside – Wormhole (Son Of Sound Remix)
10. Elysian Underground – In the Fullness of Time
11. Izaakson – Troy
12. Andy Kneale – Motor City
13. apaull – Strays
14. Jim Rivers – Cosmos
15. Substax – The Cuban Faster 5
16. Eddie Merced – Nemesis
17. M.F.S: Observatory – Walking Around Fields
18. 440 Hz – Gazoline
19. Lucid Lucia – Mumpsimus (Dan Curtin remix)
20. Subb-an – Long Grass

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21. Hercules & Love Affair – One (Pangaea Vocal Mix)
22. Neinzer – Obsoletion
23. Felipe Valenzuela & Dorian Paic – Centurion (Youandewan Remix)
24. Naan Boys – It´s A Love Song
25. Tim Susa – Projectionism
26. Takashi Watanabe – takasaki (Original Mix)

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Cover: Dan Cristian

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