Video Premiere: Solbore x Devin Yü – Possibility Of [Rainbow Bridge]

Possibly Of is the beautiful new single from Solbore featuring vocals from Devin Yu of Delta Sleep, out 14 December on Rainbow Bridge.

Featuring vocals and co-production from Devin Yüceil of British math/pop band Delta Sleep, Solbore‘s new single ‘Possibly Of’ marks a moment of lightness and ease on a record that is often melancholic and reflective.

‘Possibly Of’ has a sun-soaked, organic feel that might come from early Bon Iver, Grizzly Bear or Efterklang’s breakout album Magic Chairs, while Solbore’s production ties in elements of ambient music, folk and subtle 60s psych influences that make for an engrossing listen.

The track plays like a vintage film reel of summers long past, cycling through over-exposed shots of rolling, golden hills as they pass by the car window; of the ocean shimmering under the midday sun; and of brilliant streaks of colour thrown across the sky in the dying light of day. It’s a nostalgic and ultimately hopeful track that brings to mind all the warmth and love of the past, and the promise of its return in future.

Devin Yü is the new solo moniker of Devin Yüceil – frontman of indie rock band Delta Sleep. He reflects on how the collaboration with his friend Solbore came to pass:

Solbore approached me to do a remix for his song “Overlooked”. I chopped up all the drones and created a new melody line out of them, which then inspired me to add some pulsating percussion, vocals, and a bunch of other sparkly bits to build a whole new song out of it. The end result is dreamy, introspective and soaked in nostalgia.

Devin is a multi-emmy award nominated Director of Production for his work on various documentaries for Vice Media. He has also created a moody and atmospheric short film to accompany the track. He sets the scene:

The world is on the brink of a catastrophic event. One man is alone, frozen at the feet of impending doom. An ode to Magritte, the lights of Rome, and to anyone who feels lost.

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