Futuristic (Future Sounds) Tracks of the Year 2023

For our latest Futuristic (Future Sounds) edition, we’ve meticulously curated a selection of 40 tracks from the hundreds of featured and supported tracks throughout this year.

40 Futuristic (Future Sounds) Tracks of the Year 2023 are available to stream now via Soundcloud, Mixcloud & Playlist on Spotify

Machinedrum, Pangaea, Scuba, Headache, DJ Raff, Höhn, Toada, Lazarus, Philipp Johann Thimm, Apparat, Sofia Kourtesis, Lawrence Hart, Max Cooper, Manni Dee, Martyn X Om Unit, Pascal Nuzzo, M.F.S Observatory, Kindimmer, Cinthie, Detroit’s Filthiest, Ago Gazo, Dj Lag, Blxckie, Tal Fussman, Ivy Lab, Moreno Ácido, Left Unsaid, Logic1000, Sonnee, Barry Can’t Swim, Feiertag, Sensu, Mary Droppinz, Breaka, Cameo Blush, Tano, Delay Grounds, Olivier Abbeloos, Adam BFD, DJ Phil, Chillhomers, Prayer, Subjects, Lapalace, Canblaster, Dub Phizix and more

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40 Futuristic (Future Sounds) Tracks of the Year 2023

1. Headache – The Pavement is my Pillow Talk [PLZ Make It Ruins]
2. DJ Raff – Basta! [Scene Unseen]
3. Höhn – Scarp [STNS]
4. Toada – Kreuzkölln [plūma]
5. Lazarus – Deliverance [YUKU Music]
6. Philipp Johann Thimm – Land Of Plenty (feat. Apparat) [ITALIC]
7. Sofia Kourtesis – How Music Makes You Feel Better [Ninja Tune]
8. Lawrence Hart – First Light [Attack Decay Sweet]
9. Max Cooper – Exotic Contents (Manni Dee Remix)[Mesh]
10. Martyn X Om Unit – Illroy [3024]

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11. Pascal Nuzzo – Hold On [R&S Records]
12. M.F.S Observatory – Dirty Day in Hackney Wick [Complexed Records]
13. Kindimmer – Fathers Without Fathers [Omena]
14. Cinthie – Masterplan [Heist Recordings]
15. Detroit’s Filthiest – Only God Forgives [In The Mind Of A Madman Music]
16. Ago Gazo – Zagan [Abstrack Records]
17. Dj Lag ft Blxckie Kwenzekalan [Black Major x Ice Drop]
18. Tal Fussman – I Will [Survival Tactics]
19. Ivy Lab – Backshifting [Future Classic]
20. Moreno Ácido – Kissing Games [Call To Action]
21. Left Unsaid – Cyclone [The Tabula Rasa Record]
22. Logic1000 – Grown On Me [Therapy]
23. Sonnee – About You [Inside Records]
24. Barry Can’t Swim – Sunsleeper [Ninja Tune]
25. Feiertag – Come Back [Sonar Kollektiv]
26. Sensu – Fuse [Attack Decay Sweet]

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27. Mary Droppinz – The Cycle (Breaka Remix) [Altered States]
28. Cameo Blush – Verbatim [Future Classic]
29. Tano – Blend Of Poetry (Delay Grounds Remix) [Redstone Press]
30. Olivier Abbeloos – Find Myself [Square]
31. Adam BFD – Don’t [Dôme]
32. Pangaea – If [Hessle Audio]
33. Scuba – Move Like Shadows [Hotflush Recordings]
34. Dub Phizix – Lumi [SenkaSonic]
35. Machinedrum – Wait 4 U (feat. Jesse Boykins III) [DJ Phil Remix] [Ninja Tune]
36. Chillhomers – Pensándote [Kos.Mos.Music]
37. Prayer – Revival (Original Mix) [BUBBL]
38. Subjects – Time Tunnel [Deep Jungle ]
39. Lapalace – Ephemera (Extended 12 Mix) [Insult to Injury]
40. Canblaster – Reflection Cave [Animal63]

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