Deepchord Records co-founder Mike Schommer releases an essential dub EP “Rulers Of This World”

Lempuyang makes it to release number 15 with a devastatingly deep new EP from Deepchord Records co-founder Mike Schommer.

He kicks off with ‘Scapegoat’ featuring the alluring vocals of Milly James which echo out over super slow-motion dub rhythms and icy pads. The Pole rework brings more crisp hits and distant eerie drones over a more pronounced rhythm but one that remains devilishly sparse.

On the flip, ‘Deceivers’ has more hypotonic drive – a fleshy dub stepper to lock in any ‘floor and then ‘Believers’ slows it down to a crawl once more.

An essential dub EP that promises no represses.

Mike Schommer – Rulers Of This World

A1 Scapegoat feat. Milly James
A2 Scapegoat (Pole rework)
B1 Deceivers
B2 Believers

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