Subclub’s Dominic Cappello announces debut album on Alien Communications

Alien Communications will release the long-awaited debut album from Glasgow’s Domenic Cappello. After an almost thirty year wait the album, “Basement Philosophy” is out March 1st.

Domenic started making music under his Hutton Drive alias over 20 years ago, releasing on Soma Records and through his own label, Seven Sign Recordings. More recently, his productions have featured on Sub Club’s Nautilus Rising, Verdant Recordings and Alien Communications.

Cappello’s very own Subculture sound is present throughout ‘Basement Philosophy’, in which he travels through varying sonic textures and moods, to create something which is captivating and potent in equal measure. Introductory track ‘Mushroom Waltz’ eases the listener in through a combination of dreamy pads and upbeat chords, before ‘Midnight with T’ moves into more soulful territory with a New York-inspired cut which is both moody and spacious. ‘Early Flight’ manages to build a cerebral atmosphere, whilst possessing the snapping drums which are so characteristic of what you can expect to hear from Dom in full flow.

‘Acid Rain’ carries an air of nostalgia around it, as Cappello turns to a vocal sample from friend and house music luminary Kerri Chandler’s seminal house anthem ‘Rain’, utilising the lyrics in a way which perfectly complements the gradual progression of the track towards a powerful, acid-tinged crescendo. This rising intensity is also present on ‘3am Jamaica Street’, a throbbing, peak-time belter which would no-doubt be best listened to through Sub Club’s pulsating sound system. A different type of atmosphere is created on ‘Moon Jump,’ where languid melodies allow to create a track which does justice to the inspiration of the more house-orientated work of classic Underground Resistance.

‘Basement Philosophy’ rounds off with two more electro-inspired euphonies, which signifies why Domenic Cappello and Alien Communications are such an appropriate pairing. ‘Burning Past’ is a blissful, floating number whereas ‘Not for Instagram DJs’ is an aptly-named way to conclude the album, with a driving, floor-focused beat providing a fitting and dynamic finale. Imagine Marty Bonds meets Glenn Underground.

Dominic Cappello – Basement Philosophy
release date: 1 march 2024
format: vinyl & digital

1. Mushroom Waltz
2. Midnight With T
3. 3am Jamaica Street
4. Not For Instagram DJ’s
5. Acid Rain
6. Burning Past
7. Moon Jump
8. Early Flight

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