​​Argy announces new studio album ‘New World’ + Tour Dates 2024

Step into the era of Argy: A singular force in electronic dance music, Argy shapes the future of an entire genre with creations that resonate universally. His influential journey with Afterlife, marked by iconic releases like ‘Tataki,’ ‘Pantheon,’ ‘Aria,’ and the collaborative masterpiece ‘Higher Power’ with Anyma, has established his firm position on charts and award lists. Argy has solidified his status as a hitmaker in the music scene by consistently claiming the number 1 spots on Beatport, maintaining a steady presence in the global top 100 Shazam charts, and being recognized as a Spotify artist to watch for 2024, thanks to his impressive multi-million streams.

Argy now unveils his magnum opus, “New World,” a revolutionary fusion of human emotion and AI innovation. Here, Argy becomes a mystical journeyer venturing into a realm unseen by others, inviting listeners on a solitary journey into the uncharted realms of the unconscious mind. Through a departure from conventional music production, Argy explores the depths of inspiration, serving as both explorer and messenger, paving the way for a new era in music exploration.

With an extensive tour schedule for 2024 including dates at Tomorrowland, EDC Vegas, and touring as a principal artist with Afterlife, Argy transforms live performances into captivating spectacles, leaving an indelible mark on attendees. The anticipated audiovisual ‘New World’ album tour is poised to be a groundbreaking experience for fans, crafted to offer a multi-sensory extravaganza.

Argy is not just the face of the moment but a timeless architect of sound—a messenger from the future.

Argy 2024 Tour Dates

February 2 – Medellin, Colombia – Afterlife
February 3 – Tulum, Mexico – Zamna Closing
February 16 – Bucharest, Romania – Casa Presei
February 17 – Limassol – Cyprus Hangar
February 24 – Rotterdam, Netherlands – ASOT
March 8 – Belgrade, Serbia – Illusions Festival
March 9 – Izmir, Turkey – Hilltown
March 15 – Tallin, Estonia – Noblessneri Valukoda
March 16 – London, UK – Here at Outernet
March 22 – Miami, USA – Ultra x Resistance
March 23 – Montreal, Canada – New City Gas
March 29 – Abbotsford, Canada – Insomnia Festival
March 30 – Toronto, Canada – Grand Bizarre
April 6 – Copenhagen, Denmark – Docklen
April 13 – Paris, France – Afterlife
April 20 – Vilnius, Estonia – Warehouse
April 26 – Dubai, UAE – Soho Garden x Hive
April 30 – Milan, Italy – Fabrique
May 18 – Denver, USA – Temple
May 19 – Las Vegas, USA – EDC
May 25 – Bogota, Colombia – Baum Festival
May 31 – Cairo, Egypt – National Museum of Egyptian Civilisation
June 1 – Amsterdam, Netherlands Strafwerk Open Air
June 28 – Malta – Uno
June 29 – Zurich, Switzerland – Horse Park Festival
July 6 – Amsterdam, Netherlands – Awakenings Festival
July 12 – Plock, Poland – Audioriver Festival
July 27 – Basel, Switzerland – Tension Festival
July 28 – Boom, Belgium – Tomorrowland x Afterlife
August 12 – Budapest, Hungary – Sziget Festival
August 24 London, UK – Eastern Electrics
August 25 – Orange, France – Afterlife
September 1 Amsterdam, Netherlands – Mysteryland Festival
September 7 – Athens, Greece – Primer Music Festival
September 8 – Grimbergen, Belgium – Voodoo Village Festival

Argy’s new album ‘New World’ is Available March 15 on Afterlife