Rejoicer to release album ‘I Think This Is Reasonable’ on Circus Company

Yuval Havkin, also known as Rejoicer, is one of the foremost exponents of downtempo music, inspired by the fusion of jazz and hip-hop. His new album thus draws on his early influences while exploring the world of calm, melodic electronic music that borders on ambient.

This Is Reasonable has a chill-out feel to it, a record filled with melodies and atmospheres that, throughout its eleven tracks, conveys a sense of calm and floating, akin to ambient music. Stripped of the clichés of the genre, the album is built around subtle melodies and rich harmonies from keyboards and synths, which borrow as much from the spirit of jazz as from the inventions of electronica, whilst being supported by a gentle groove. This equilibrium is perfectly captured by Rejoicer’s moniker, a term that evokes both the idleness of artificial paradises and a soft, caring form of spirituality.

Artist: Rejoicer
Album Title: This Is Reasonable
Label: Circus Company
Cat #: CCS131
Format: Vinyl LP – digital
Genre: Electronic, Downtempo
Release Date: 12.04.2024

Tracklist :
A1. Jail Time with Mr. Murd (Feat. Yonatan Albalak) – A2. Graveyard Party – A3. Your Tissue SVP
– A4. SNG PLSTN – A5. I Think This Is Reasonable – A6. HRTSPC – B1. NOZPLZ – B2. Dada’s Bone
– B3. OCNC XTR – B4. EZ PPL 4 TRTH – B5. Don’t Forget to Not Remember Who

Live at Gretchen, Berlin on Sat 27.04. 2024