Atelier to release Friday on Lossless

‘Friday’ is the first musical herald to ‘Lights Towards The Exit’, Atelier ’s second full-length studio album (out 31.05.2024) on Lossless.

Switching seaside ambience for a sound, shaped by inner-city living and the new surroundings in the duo’s adoptive city Berlin, this is an ode to first-time experiences, new languages, challenges, club culture and the shift from youth to maturity, as well as a balm to those stuck somewhere in between. Atelier’s previous releases gained big support by the likes of the Keinemusik and Innervisions Crews and their debut LP’s lead single ‘Can I Speak’ garnered more than 1.2 million streams (and counting).

Atelier – Friday
Release Date:April 5th, 2024

About Atelier:

From Cape Town, South Africa, now based in Berlin, Germany, Electronic duo Atelier excel at riding chillwave to a cooler, moodier sound. Atelier was conceptualized by childhood friends Alexander Inggs and Jaś Miszewski whose love of analog synths, drum machines and effects pedals is revealed in a hardware-heavy live show. The project is a platform for combining their differing musical backgrounds – a blend of house, indie, folk and techno – and has an underlying maturity that emerges in their frank performances and honest productions.

In September 2018 they released their debut EP, ‘Something To Fill An Hour’, through the Berlin-based imprint LOSSLESS owned by Mathias Schober and Thomas Herb. Their first album, ‘Varsam Court’, was issued by Muting the Noise, owned by electronic heavyweights Dixon and Âme of Innervisions.

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