Electronic ConnectFM 25

The latest episode of Electronic ConnectFM 25 edition is available now to stream via Soundcloud, Mixcloud, and Spotify.

This episode features new Tracks and Remixes from:
Floating Points, Justice, Dorian Concept, Actress, Nick Hakim, Tukan, Audio Dope, Conic Rose, Etyen, Gregoire Jokic, ZG, Badlands, Shafkkat, Felix Laband, Klik & Frik, Melawati, Eddie Hale, Aston Alba, FULL EFX, SUBNR, An-ten-nae, Mystic State, Marble Elephant, Oversight, Lucy Kitchen, Rebecca Vasmant, CELO, Detect Theory, Greg Dallas & Jan Esbra, TON 618, Mansur Brown, Dagerloeff & Galner

Radio Mix as Played on ConnectFM, the non-vocal version
Curated by Doogie

Conic Rose РChopin Ros̩ [Conic Rose]
Etyen – Lo Siento [Thawra Records]
Gregoire Jokic – Seven Seas[Gregoire Jokic]

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ZG – Ombre [Scissor & Thread]
Nick Hakim – Feeling Myself [ATO Records]
Badlands – I Want Blood [RITE]
Audio Dope – True Love [Radicalis]
Shafkkat – Desires [Blank Dust]
Felix Laband – 7 Rise 7 House [Compost Records]
Klik & Frik – Mycelium [Nacional Records]
Melawati – Violent Thought [Ellum Audio]
Actress – Futur Spher Techno Version [Ninja Tune]
Eddie Hale – Encrypted Messages [Denude]
Dorian Concept – You’re Untouchable [Brainfeeder]
Aston Alba – Daedalus [Earthly Delights]
FULL EFX – Skytel Pager [L.I.E.S.]
SUBNR – Spooky [Dirty Retro Records]
Tukan – Opal [Tukan]
An-ten-nae – Grinding ft. High Tara (Mystic State Remix) [Medicine]
Marble Elephant – When The Morning Comes [Celsius Recordings]
Oversight featuring Lucy Kitchen – Falling In [Influenza Media]
Unknown Artist – Smoking Out The Window [Fokuz Recordings]
Rebecca Vasmant – Procrastination (Justice Remix) [Tru Thoughts]
CELO – Come To Me [170plus12]

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Detect Theory – Run Away [Celsius Recordings]
Greg Dallas & Jan Esbra – High Tide [The Slow Music Movement]
Dagerloeff & Galner – The Cave [Histoire Inconnue du Disque]
Floating Points – Someone Close [Ninja Tune]
TON 618 – Asteroid Belt [M87 records]
Mansur Brown – Touch [AMAI Records]

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Photo/Cover: Manuel

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