Nicoba & DJ Latinchat present a split EP of Latinx bass mutations on Lacuna

Lacuna returns for the label’s third outing, offering a split EP from Chile’s Nicoba and Peru’s DJ Latinchat. 4 tracks trading on a futurist dembow tip, bridging a stunning array of global club sounds into delirious transmissions of vital latinx dancefloor mutations.

La tercera split EP on Lacuna reaches towards an alternate future that eschews past stylistic tropes to instead narrate a vast canvas of gloriously global opportunity. Nicoba and DJ Latinchat arrive with striking club clarity in sound and momentum that see their latinx dancefloor mechanics land on a label documenting some of the best developments along the fault line.

Nicoba steps up to the plate first with ‘Encuentros en el Fin del Mundo’, optimistically stepping on its doomsday surroundings by shaking its traditional reggaeton rump in cosmic delirium, bordering on galactic euphoria throughout its supposed endtimes. ‘Pensándote’ is next, shifting the tempo to boil garbled vocals and fizzing sound design amongst a techno dembow pump.

DJ Latinchat tags in to continue the walls-sweating dancefloor pressure with ‘Keribel’, a raptor-like stomper with clever vocal cuts and a tight coil of pressurised drum rollage. ‘Cafuné’ is our close, a sincere yet deadly dancehall and half-time lurcher that seesaws on a tension and release edge with a devious

1. Nicoba – Encuentros en el Fin del Mundo
2. Nicoba – Pensándote
3. DJ Latinchat – Keribel
4. DJ Latinchat – Cafuné

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