Anfisa Letyago shares brand new single ‘Feelin” via noted./Sony Music

Naples-based producer, DJ and vocal talent Anfisa Letyago releases brand new single ‘Feelin’’. The track marks the debut release on her new home of noted./Sony Music, where Anfisa will be exploring the full spectrum of electronic music with a unique approach that is maximum on style and substance, deploying earworm melodies in a new electronic pop and trance-led sound.

Anfisa is undoubtedly one of the fiercest rising talents in the European techno scene, fuelled by her uncontainable energy behind the decks and a growing catalogue of groove-laden house and techno. ‘Feelin’’ marks the start of a new era that sees the Italy-based artist introduce her own vocals within her music to create dreamlike soundscapes with a distinctly feminine energy and powerful aura as she explains: “‘Feelin’ marks my debut track with Sony, making it truly special. With my vocals adding a new dimension, it offers a unique glimpse into my mystical world. I feel the groove of Feelin’ commands the dance floor while its beat carries a hint of darkness, creating a trance-like embrace. My direct lyrics, ‘Yeh, I know it, what you Feelin’, I can feel it,’ reflect my desire for a direct connection with my listeners.

With millions of streams under her belt and a huge social following, Anfisa is elevating her sound to the next level, platforming her own vocals and working on an audiovisual live show that ties together her love of art, music and water. To her 1.4 million Instagram followers, she’ll regularly post snapshots of her life that show off her authentic self – be it goofily filming her tooth gems, serving looks at Milan Fashion Week, or spinning heavy-hitters on some of the world’s biggest stages: Sonar, Tomorrowland, Awakenings, Timewarp.

Anfisa lives in Napoli

Anfisa lives in Napoli – the cultural centre of Southern Italy, where the club scene is sincere and passionate, and where she first gained a strong attraction to electronic music. It was there that she had the opportunity to listen to many international DJs. In the beginning, she first started to approach DJing as a disc selector in small clubs, and these experiences developed her interest in record collecting and discovering new music.

After a serendipitous meeting with Carl Cox, she found an upsurge in support from the dance scene – he appreciated her music and immediately started supporting her, a “casual meeting that changed something in my life” – and he played out the contents of a USB she handed him in his sets. After this, he came to release her music on his label (her ‘So Good’ and ‘Hypnotic’ EPs landed on his Intec Digital). He declared her “the revelation of the last year; a live performer talented and full of energy”.

Soon enough, labels were approaching her for releases in their droves, and she’s touched Nervous, Kompakt, Deutsche Grammophon, Rekids and Hotflush, Defected among others, including a collaboration with Moby earlier this year and remixes for the likes of Swedish House Mafia and Empire of the Sun & PNAU. But she felt a growing need for a separate outlet for her music that didn’t seem to fit other imprints, and so launched her own record label, NSDA. Nisida is a volcanic islet near Naples, a place that’s small, beautiful and inaccessible to man. The island has a colourful history, including Greek mythology and possibly where Ulisse passed through. It’s after this that Letyago named her label, a space for her to explore her own creativity and give other artists a space for their unconventional sounds: “Nisida is like me, it’s pretty strange.” It has released remixes by Calibre, DJ Seinfeld, DJ Tennis, Chris Liebing and DJ Daddy Trance.

Increasingly, Letyago’s solo productions have found her bringing in her voice. “The most important instrument that we have is our voice, through it you can express the deepest concepts and create the most hypnotic sounds ever. It’s you – it creates something magical about you,” she says. 2022 track ‘Rosso Profondo’ found her layering her spoken voice like a chant, with hypnotic whispers introducing the listener before a powerful acid drop.

Letyago grew up surrounded by water – apt for a pisces, and now lives facing the seafront on the Italian coast. That love of nature and the aquatic world features in her sound and love of dreamy, shimmering melodies and she regularly posts videos of her listening to records on her balcony facing the sea. That love of art and the sea was integral to a new live audiovisual show that’s set to be huge. Titled Partenope, it’s based on an ancient Greek myth that describes how a mermaid was found on the coast of Naples. Letyago worked with famed digital artist Guisy Amoroso aka Marigoldff to create an ethereal world for the performance; a fully underwater, magical parallel dimension. In it, Letyago is transformed into a mermaid via a 3D scan of her body (“not a monster, but it’s similar – like a very beautiful monster”), with uniquely personal touches including her beloved cat Leo, who is portrayed as a creature that follows her around.

With an album on the horizon, Anfisa Letyago is continuing to build her own artistic and mythical world in anticipation of this expansion of her sound. As she has written on her Instagram page: “I live in my fantasy world.”

Anfisa Letyago Tour Dates

26 Apr – Central Club, Porto (PT)
27 Apr – elrow Town, Madrid (ES)
1 May – One Day Festival, Catania (IT)
3 May – DGTL Santiago, Santiago (CL)
4 May – Fundo Mamacona, Lurín (PE)
18 May – Extrema Outdoor, Houthalen-Helchteren (BE)
1 Jun – Distortion, Copenaghen (DK)
2 Jun – 909 Festival, Amsterdam (NL)
8 Jun – elrow Town, Reggio Emilia (IT)
9 Jun – Unum Festival, Shëngjin (AL)
14 Jun – Techmission, Prague (CZ)
15 Jun – Burning Beach Festival, Nuremberg (DE)
28 Jun – Soundcheck, Washington D.C. (US)

+ more TBA**

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